Caffeine Laced Alcohol Interferes with Sleep Big Time

So my husband and I went out with some friends on St. Patrick’s day.  Of course, as is custom, we did enjoy some alcoholic beverages.  Unfortunately, one of them was a really good, smooth drink in the form of a shot that contained a concentrated amount of not only liquor, but caffeine.  See some of our past related posts : Is alcoholism a disease? and Passion Flower remedy for anxiety and sleep

It was actually a softened version of a tequila shot, infused with the flavor and caffeine of coffee. So it was like doing a shot of espresso laced with hard liquor. The taste was amazing, but we weren’t prepared for how it would totally interfere with our sleep that night by making us nervous and jittery.

To be fair, we did also have some caffeine in our cola beverages earlier in the evening, so I’m sure this intensified the effect of the Cafe Patron tequila infused with espresso shot, but the effects on our sleep were quite severe.

We both woke up out of a deep sleep at about 3:30 in the morning.  No explanation as to why we were both wide awake at that time, but we both woke up and just laid there, assuming it was just a fluke that we both woke at the same time, and figuring we would probably fall back asleep.

But it was like our minds wouldn’t stop racing, and then I also got a little case of RLS, which is Restless Legs Syndrome. We literally did not sleep the rest of the night. What little rest I did get was just a glimpse of twilight sleep, nothing deep and certainly nothing in the REM stages of sleep.

So the next day I pretty much was on autopilot with this strange sense that I was tired, but knowing that there was no way I could actually fall asleep. Very strange feeling indeed!  We were both very productive though, but it seems like I was moving slower than usual, almost like I was a zombie of sorts, not being “all there” but still moving about my day.

Let me know if you have any stories to share on caffeine infused liquors.  I think the effect of the alcohol, which is known to interfere with your sleep, combined with the stimulant in the alcohol, really did a number on us as far as our sleep patterns for that night.  We should have tried a natural sleep aid, but we figured we were already past the point of no return.

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