Aloe - A. barbadensis-poisonous plants

Aloe - A. barbadensis

General poisoning notes:

Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) is the common "Aloe vera" found in extracts that are used in cosmetics and medicinal products. The latex from under the skin can cause a cathartic action because it irritates the large intestine; anthraquinones color alkaline urine red. An excessive dose may cause nephritis (Lampe and McCann 1985). Contact dermatitis can also result from contact with this plant.


Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis Mill.
Vernacular name(s): aloe - A. barbadensis
Scientific family name: Liliaceae
Vernacular family name: lily

Geographic Information

Plant or plant parts used in or around the home.

Toxic parts:


Toxic plant chemicals:


Animals/Human Poisoning:

Note: When an animal is listed without additional information, the literature (as of 1993) contained no detailed explanation.


General symptoms of poisoning:

Catharsis, nephritis

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