Colforsin-Synonyms Forskolin; Beforsin (obsolete)

2.3.1 Colforsin

Synonyms Forskolin; Beforsin (obsolete)
Biological Source It is obtained from the root of Coleus forskohlii, Briq., belonging to family Labiatae. The word coleus has been derived from the Greek coleus equivalent to sheath i.e.; the natural formation of the fused filaments of the flower which form a staminal sheath around the style; and the word forskohlii is due to the honour bestowed upon the Finnish botanist Forskal.
Geographical Source The plant is extensively distributed within the subtropical to temperate climatic zones on the hilly regions of Burma, Africa, Nepal, Ceylon and Thailand. It is also found on the dry, sunny slopes of hills at an attitude ranging between 300 to 1800 meters. It is cultivated in India.
Chemical Structure It was first discovered in India during a general sereening studies of potential medicinal plants*. Its chemical name is 7β-acetoxy-8, 13-1α, 6β, 9α-trihydroxylate-14 en-11-one.

1. It is used in the purification of adenylate cyclase; and as a result it serves as a vital research tool in cyclic AMP-related investigations.
2. It also finds enormous use in glaucoma and hypertension.
3. It possesses significant therapeutic potential in diseases like: congestive cardiomyopathy and
bronchial asthma wherein the excessive long term usage of β-adrenergic agonist drugs (e.g.; propranolol, labetalol) ultimately results into the desensitization of the receptors and a loss of drug efficacy.
* Bhat, S.C. et al., Tetrahedron Letters, 1669, 1977

Source:Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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