Costus root (Muxiang)-Aucklandia lappa Decne

Costus root (Muxiang)

Aucklandia lappa Decne

Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Aucklandiae seu Vladimiriae
Botanical Name: 1. Aucklandia lappa Decne.; 2. Vladimiria souliei (Franch.) Ling
Common Name: Aucklandia root, Costus root
Source of Earliest Record: Shennong Bencao Jing
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The roots are dug in October and can be used raw or baked.
Properties & Taste: Pungent, bitter and warm
Meridians: Spleen, stomach, large intestine and gall bladder
Functions: 1. To regulate qi in the spleen and stomach; 2. To stop pain
Indications & Combinations:
1. Qi stagnation in the spleen and stomach manifested as poor appetite, epigastric and abdominal distension and pain, borborygmus and diarrhea. Costus root (Muxiang) is used with Poria (Fuling), Bitter orange (Zhiqiao) and Tangerine peel (Chenpi).
2. Damp-heat dysentery manifested as tenesmus and abdominal pain. Costus root (Muxiang) is used with Rhubarb (Dahuang) and Areca seed (Binglang) in the formula Muxiang Binglang Wan.
Dosage: 3-10 g.
Cautions & Contraindications: The raw herb is used for qi stagnation, and the baked herb is used for diarrhea.

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