Digitalis lutea-Straw Foxglove Digitalis lutea
Synonym Straw Foxglove.
Biological Source The dried leaves of Digitalis lutea Linn. belonging to family Scrophulariacea.
Geographical Source It is found in Europe and USA.
Description The leaves have a length of 28 cm and width of 6 cm, but they usually attain only half of their size.
Chemical Constituents The chemical constituents of D. lutea have not been fully reported, but it does not contain calcium oxalate.
1. It is used as a common substitute for the official drug.
2. It is potent as D. purpurea.
3. It is mostly used for the same purpose as that of D. purpurea , but it is found to exert much lesser irritation.

Source: Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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