Erythrina bark (Haitongpi)-Erythrina variegata L. var. orientalis (L.) Merr.

Erythrina bark (Haitongpi)

Erythrina variegata L. var. orientalis (L.) Merr.
Pharmaceutical Name: Coxtex Erythrinae
Botanical Name: Erythrina variegata L. var. orientalis (L.) Merr.
Common Name: Erythrina bark, Coralbean bark
Source of Earliest Record: Haiyao Bencao
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The thorny bark is gathered in the early summer, then dried in the sun.
Properties & Taste: Bitter, pungent and neutral
Meridian: Liver
Functions: 1. To dispel wind and dampness; 2. To clear the meridians
Indications & Combinations: Wind-damp obstruction syndrome manifested as rheumatic joint pain, spasm of the limbs and lower back and knee pain. Erythrina bark (Haitongpi) is used with other herbs which have the similar functions, such as Tetrandra root (Fangji), Clematis root (Weilingxian) and Futokadsura stem (Haifengteng).
Dosage: 6-12 g

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