Khellol Glucoside-Synonyms Khellinin; 2-Hydroxy-methyl-5-methoxyfuranochrome glucoside Khellol Glucoside
Synonyms Khellinin; 2-Hydroxy-methyl-5-methoxyfuranochrome glucoside.
Biological Source It is obtained from the seeds of Eranthis hyemalis Linn., family Ranunculaceae, Ammi visnaga Lam family Umbelliferae.
Geographical Source The drug is indigenous to Egypt specially the Nile Delta and also to the Mediterranean region. It is cultivated in India.
Preparation The annual herb plant usually bears flowers from March to April. The harvesting is carried out when the ripening of first fertilized flowers takes place. The plants are cut and preserved in stacks, preferably in a dry place, whereby all the fruits are ripened.
Chemical Structure The furanocoumarin derivative khellol glucoside has the following strutcure.
                                                                                  Khellol Glucoside: R = H;

Khellol Glucoside
                                                                 Khellin: R1 = OCH ; R2= H;
                                                                 Visnagin: R1 = R2 = H;
The drug also contains two well known aglycones khellin and visnagin as shown above.
Description The characteristic features of khellol glucoside, khellin and visnagin are summarised in Table 4.4.
Table 4.4 Characteristic Features of Khellol Glucoside, Khelin and Visnagin

1. It is mostly used as a coronary vasodilator
2. Khellin has proved to be a potent smooth muscle relaxant
3. Khellin is employed as coraonary vasodilator, in angina pectoris, renal and uterine colic pains, bronchial asthma and whooping cough.
Note Khellin is found to be fairly stable when mixed with the usual tabletting excipients.

Source: Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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