Quassin-Synonyms Nigakilactone D; Nortriterpenoid, Quassane

2.4.2 Quassin

Synonyms Nigakilactone D; Nortriterpenoid, Quassane.
Biological Source It is one of the bitter constituents of the wood of Quassia amara L., belonging to family Simaroubaceae, usually known in commerce as Surinam quassia. It is also obtained from the dried wood of Pierasma quassioldes Benn., Picrasma excelsa (Picroena excelsa or Aeschrion excelsa) belonging to family Simaroubaceae.
Geographical Source It is found abundantly in Surinam and Jamaica.
Chemical Structure It has a triterpenoid structure as given below:

1. Its bitterness threshold is found to be 1: 60,000; and hence used as bitter tonic.
2. It also finds its application as an insecticides and an anthelmintic for the expulsion of threadworms.
3. It is also used as a febrifuge.
4. Quassin possesses antifertility activity, thereby inhibiting testosterone secretion of rat Leydig cells.

Source:Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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