Solubility of various types of resins

2.7.5 Solubility

The solubility of various types of resins are as follows:
1. Majority of resins are water-insoluble and hence they have practically little taste.
2. They are usually insoluble in petroleum ether (a non-polar solvent) but with a few exceptions, such as: colophory (freshly powdered) and mastic.
3. Resins mostly got completely dissolved in a number of polar organic solvents, for instance: ethanol, ether and chloroform, thereby forming their respective solutions which on evaporation, leaves behind a thin-varnish-like film deposit.
4. They are also freely soluble in many other organic solvents, namely: acetone, carbon disulphide, as well as in fixed oils and volatile oils.
5. Resins dissolve in chloral hydrate solution, normally employed for clarification of certain sections of plant organs.

Source:Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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