Achyranthes-Root Achyranthis Radix-Achyranthes fauriei, Achyranthes bidentata

Achyranthes Root

Achyranthis Radix

Achyranthes Root is the root of Achyranthes fauriei Leveill áe et Vaniot or Achyranthes bidentata Blume (Amaranthaceae).


Main root or main root with some lateral roots, with or without short remains of rhizome at the crown; main root, long cylindrical and sometimes somewhat tortuous, 15 . 90 cm in length, 0.3 . 0.7 cm in diameter; externally grayish yellow to yellow-brown, with numerous longitudinal wrinkles, and with scattering scars of lateral roots. Fractured surface is flat; grayish white to light brown on the circumference, and with yellowish white xylem in the center. Hard and brittle, or flexible.
Odor, slight; taste, slightly sweet, and mucilaginous.
Under a microscope <5.01>, a transverse section reveals a rather distinct cambium separating the cortex from the xylem; small protoxylem located at the center of the xylem, and surrounded by numerous vascular bundles arranged on several concentric circles; parenchyma cells containing sand crystals of calcium oxalate; starch grains absent.
Shake vigorously 0.5 g of pulverized Achyranthes Root with 10 mL of water: a lasting fine foam is produced.
(1) Stem.When perform the test of foreign matter <5.01>, the amount of stems contained in Achyranthes
Root does not exceed 5.0z.
(2) Heavy metals <1.07>.Proceed with 3.0 g of pulverized Achyranthes Root according to Method 3, and perform the test. Prepare the control solution with 3.0 mL of Standard Lead Solution (not more than 10 ppm).
(3) Arsenic <1.11>.Prepare the test solution with 0.40 g of pulverized Achyranthes Root according to Method 4, and perform the test (not more than 5 ppm).
(4) Foreign matter <5.01>.The amount of foreign matter other than stems contained in Achyranthes Root does not exceed 1.0z.
Loss on drying:
<5.01> Not more than 17.0z (6 hours).
Total ash:
<5.01> Not more than 10.0z.
Acid-insoluble ash:
<5.01> Not more than 1.5z.
Containers and storage:
Containers.Well-closed containers.

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