Alisma Rhizome-Alismatis Rhizoma-Alisma orientale

Alisma Rhizome

Alismatis Rhizoma

Alisma Rhizome is the tuber of Alisma orientale Juzepczuk (Alismataceae), from which periderm has been usually removed.


Spherical or conical tubers, 3.8 cm in length, 3.5 cm in diameter, sometimes a 2- to 4-branched irregular tuber; externally light grayish brown to light yellow-brown, and slightly annulate; many remains of root appearing as small warty protrusions; fractured surface nearly dense, the outer portion grayish brown, and the inner part white to light yellow-brown in color; rather light in texture and difficult to break. Slight odor and slightly bitter taste.


(1) Heavy metals. Proceed with 1.0 g of pulverized Alisma Rhizome according to Method 3, and perform the test. Prepare the control solution with 2.0 mL of Standard Lead Solution (not more than 20 ppm).
(2) Arsenic. Prepare the test solution with 0.40 g of pulverized Alisma Rhizome according to Method 4, and perform the test (not more than 5 ppm).

Total ash:

Not more than 5.0z.

Acid-insoluble ash:

Not more than 0.5z.

Containers and storage:

Containers.Well-closed containers.

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