Amomum Seed-Amomi Semen-Amomum xanthioides Wallich

Amomum Seed

Amomi Semen

Amomum Seed is the seed mass of Amomum xanthioides Wallich (Zingiberaceae).


Approximately spherical or ellipsoidal mass, 1-1.5 cm in length, 0.8-1 cm in diameter; externally grayish brown to dark brown, and with white powder in those dried by spreading lime over the seeds; the seed mass is divided into three loculi by thin membranes, and each loculus contains 10 to 20 seeds joining by aril; each seed is polygonal and spherical, 0.3 . 0.5 cm in length, about 0.3 cm in diameter, externally dark brown, with numerous, fine protrusions; hard tissue; under a magnifying glass, a longitudinal section along the raphe reveals oblong section, with deeply indented hilum and with slightly indented chalaza; white perisperm covering light yellow endosperm and long embryo.
Characteristic aroma when cracked, and taste acrid.

Total ash:

Not more than 9.0z.

Acid-insoluble ash:

Not more than 3.0z.

Essential oil content:

Perform the test with 30.0 g of pulverized Amomum Seed: the volume of essential oil is not less than 0.6 mL.

Containers and storage:

Containers.Well-closed containers.

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