Mantis egg case (Sangpiaoxiao)-Tenodera sinensis-Statilia maculata-Hierodula patellifera

Mantis egg case (Sangpiaoxiao)

Tenodera sinensis Saussure; 2. Statilia maculata (Thunb.); 3. Hierodula patellifera (Serville)
Ootheca Mantidis

Pharmaceutical Name: Ootheca Mantidis
Zoological Name: 1. Tenodera sinensis Saussure; 2. Statilia maculata (Thunb.); 3. Hierodula patellifera (Serville) (Fam. Manitidae)
Common Name: Mantis egg case, Egg capsule of mantis.
Source of Earliest Record: Shennong Bencao Jing
Part Use & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The egg case is collected in late autumn or spring, and then boiled or steamed and dried in the sun.
Properties & Taste: Sweet, salty and neutral
Meridians: Liver and kidney.
Functions: 1. To tonify the kidneys and strengthen yang; 2. To control essence and decrease urination
Indications & Combinations:
1. Deficient yang of the kidneys manifested as seminal emissions, nocturnal enuresis or leukorrhea. Mantis egg case (Sangpiaoxiao) is used with Dragon's bone (Longgu), Oyster shell (Muli), Dadder seed (Tusizi) and Psoralea fruit (Buguzhi).
2. For seminal emission, spontaneous emission, enuresis, frequent urination, and profuse leukorrhea. For frequent urination during pregnancy, it is used powdered. For seminal emission and night sweats due to Yin Deficiency, it is used with Draconis Os (Long Gu). For enuresis, frequent urination, and seminal emission, it is used with Draconis Os (Long Gu), Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowi (Shi Chang Pu), and Radix Polygalae (Yuan Zhi). For impotence, it is used with Herba Cistanches (Rou Cong Rong), Semen Cuscutae (Tu Si Zi), and Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum (Lu Rong).
Dosage: 3-10 g, decocted in water for internal use.
Cautions & Contraindications: Not to be used in patients with Fire due to Yin Deficiency or frequent urination due to Bladder Heat.

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