Anhalonine-obtained from the mescal buttons-Lophophora williamsii

B. Anhalonine

Synonym Anhalanine
Biological Sources It is obtained from the mescal buttons [Lophophora williamsii (Lemaire) Coult. (Anhalonium lewinii Henn). Cactaceae]; and also in Ariocarpus, in Gymnocalycium gibbosum.
Chemical Structure

6, 7, 8, 9-Tetrahydro-4-methoxy-9-methyl-1, 3-dioxolo [4, 5-h] isoquinoline, (C12H15NO3).
Characteristic Features
1. It is obtained as rhombic needles from petroleum ether having mp 86°C and bp0.02 140°C.
2. Its specific optical rotation [α]D25-63.80 (methanol); and [α]D25  -56.30 (chloroform).
3. It is found to be freely soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform, benzene and petroleum ether.
Identification Test
Anhalonine Hydrochloride (C12H15NO3.HCl): It is obtained as orthorhombic prisms decomposing at 255°C. Its aqueous solution is almost neutral. It is found to be freely soluble in hot water.
Uses It may be employed as a mild hallucinating agent.
Source:Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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