Isopilocarpine-Synonym β-Pilocarpine

2.3.2 Isopilocarpine

Synonym β-Pilocarpine.
Biological Source It is same as stated under Section 2.3.1 on pilocarpine.
Chemical Structure

Isolation It has been discussed under Section 2.3.1 above
Characteristic Features
1. It is a hygroscopic oily liquid or prisms.
2. It has the following physical parameters: bp10 261°C; [α]18D +50 C° (C = 2); pK1 (18°C) 7.17.
3. It is miscible with water and alcohol; very soluble in chloroform; less soluble in ether and benzene; and almost insoluble in petroleum-ether.
Identification Tests Its derivatives have the specific physical parameters, namely:
1. Isopilocarpine hydrochloride hemihydrate (C11H16N2O2 . HCl.½H2O): It is obtained as scales from ethanol having mp 127°C; when anhydrous mp 161°C; [α]D18 +39o (C = 5). It is soluble 0.27 part water and 2.1 parts ethanol.
2. Isopilocarpine nitrate (C11H16N2O.HNO3): It occurs as prisms from water, scales from ethanol, having mp 159°C; [α]D18  +39o C (C = 2). It is soluble in 8.4 parts of water and in 350 parts of absolute ethanol.
1. It is used as an antiglaucoma agent
2. It is also employed as miotic.
Source:Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology By Ashutosh Kar

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