European verbena herb (MA BIAN CAO)-Verbena officinalis-Herba Verbenae

European verbena herb (MA BIAN CAO)

Verbena officinalis L. (Fam. Verbenaceae)
Verbena officinalis L. (Fam. Verbenaceae)

Pharmaceutical Name:
Herba Verbenae
Botanical Name:
Verbena officinalis L. (Fam. Verbenaceae)
Common Name:
European verbena herb
Part Used:
Aerial part
Herba Verbenae is produced mainly in the provinces of Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangxi, and Guizhou. The herb is collected in summer and autumn, dried in sunlight, and cut into segments for use.
Properties  Taste & Meridians:
Bitter in flavor, cold in property, acts on the Liver and Spleen channels.
Promotes blood circulation to relieve Blood Stasis, stops malarial attacks, removes toxins, and causes diuresis.
Indications & Combinations:
For masses in the abdomen, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, malaria, inflammation of the throat, carbuncles, boils, and acute infection of the urinary tract.
Dosage and administration:
4.5–9 g, decocted in water for an oral dose.

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