Capparis dongvanensis sp. nov. (Capparaceae) from Vietnam

Capparis dongvanensis (Capparaceae) is described as a new species and illustrated from Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. It is morphologically similar to C. lanceolaris and C. fengii , but diff ers in the number of fl owers on peduncles, length of spine and petiole, apex of the leaf, type of infl orescence, petal color, cylindrical ovary without any beak, fruit shape and number of seeds per fruit. Diagnostic morphological characters along with pollen and seed SEM images of C. dongvanensis and allied species are provided. Its ecology, habitat and conservation status are also described.

Sy Danh Thuong , Ritesh Kumar Choudhary , Tran The Bach , Do Van Hai , Bui Hong Quang , Gordon C. Tucker , Chu Hoang Mau , Joongku Lee , Changyoung Lee and Sangmi Eum

S. D. Th uong and C. H. Mau, Faculty of Biology, Th aiNguyen Univ. of Education, Th ai Nguyen City, Vietnam. – R. K. Choudhary (http://orcid. org/0000-0001-6250-4624), Biodiversity and Palaeobiology Group, Agharkar Research Inst., Pune, India. – T. T. Bach, D. V. Hai and B. H. Quang, Dept of Botany, Inst. of Ecology and Biological Resources, Vietnam Acad. of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam. – G. C. Tucker, Dept of Biological Sciences, Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, Illinois, USA. – J. Lee, Dept of Environment and Forest Resources, Chungnam National
Univ., Daejeon, South Korea. – C. Lee and S. Eum (, International Biological Material Research Center, Korea Research Inst. of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Daejeon, South Korea.

Capparis dongvanensis
Figure 1 . Capparis dongvanensis sp. nov. (A) fl owering twig, (B) stem with spines, (C) apical part of leaf, (D) base of leaf, (E) sepals, (F) lower petal pairs, (G) upper petal pairs, (H) ovary, (I) fruiting twig, (J) branch with fruit. Drawn by Le Kim Chi, (A) – (H) from holotype, (I) – (J) from paratype.

Capparis dongvanensis
Figure 2. Capparis dongvanensis sp. nov. (A) habit, (B) fl owering twig, (C) fruiting twig, (D) mature stem, (E) spines, (F) bud, (G) fl ower (back side), (H) lower petal pairs, (I) upper petal pairs, (J) stamen, (K) pistil with gynophore and ovary, (L) cross section of fruit, (M) SEM image of pollen grain, (N) SEM image of pollen surface, (O) SEM image of seed, (P) SEM image of seed coat surface. Photographs by Sy Danh Th uong (A) – (L), Changyoung Lee (M) – (P).

Nordic Journal of Botany 000: 001–004, 2016

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