Dendrobium xichouense S. J. Cheng & C. Z. Tang - A New Record of Medicinal Plant Species for VietNam

Nguyen Hoang Tuan: Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam: Corresponding author:


The “Hoang thao cao bang” (Dendrobium xichouense S. J. Cheng & C. Z. Tang) collected from Vu Nong commune, Tinh Tuc commune (Nguyen Bình district), Khanh Xuan commune (Bao Lac district), Cao Bang province is reported here as a new record for the flora of Vietnam. D. xichouense can be distinguished from its closest ally by its mentum ca. 1 cm, tubular; sepals and petals not spreading; lip densely curled pale yellow villous on disk, margin fimbriate. Morphological redescription and illustrations are provided along with notes on distribution, ecology, phenology and conservation of the species. In addition, D. xichouense is also a new recorded species for list of medicinal plants of Vietnam.

Keywords: Dendrobium xichouense, Hoàng thảo cao bằng, morphological characters new record, Vietnam. 

Dendrobium xichouense

Soure: PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL ISSN 0866-7861, 05/2017, Vol. 57 , No. 493, page 22-26

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