Calocedrus rupestris Aver. H.T. Hiep&L.K.Phan

Calocedrus rupestris Aver. H.T. Hiep&L.K.Phan; Family: Cupressaceae
Calocedrus rupestris
Photo by Tom Cox,
Vernacular name: Bách xanh lá
Morphology: An evergreen big-sized tree, up to 25m tall and 1m in diameter. Bole straight, often twisted when over 10m. Crown broadly globose. Early branched. Branchlets arranged in a lane, spreading and ascending, flattened, prominently jointed. Bark dark brown with longitudinal fissures. Leaves scaly, closely inserted on twigs into nodes, each node with two big and two small opposite leaves. Seed cone oval, very small, opening into 3 fragments when mature, with the big fragment bearing 2 big winged seeds.
This species is distinguished from Calocedrus macrolepis by the obtuse leaf apex, small sub-sessile 4 scaled broadly ovate seed cones 4-5(-6)x2,5-3mm with very short stalk 0.5-1mm long having 6-8(-12) obtuse scales and fertile seed scales with incurved roundish apex having rough, more or less surface without any mucro.
Distribution and ecology: A new species has just discovered in Viet nam. The type locality is near Na Bo village, Liem Thuy commune, Na Ri District and BacCan province, at elevation of 650-700m asl.. It also distributed in Son La, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Hoa Binh, Nghe An and Quang Binh provinces; distributed in primary closed evergreen coniferous submontane forests; often mixed with Keteleeria davidiana, Pinus kwangtungensis and Pseudotsuga sinensis, onotops of rocky limestone hills (mean annual temperature is about 20 C, annual rainfall over 1500mm). Natural regeneration is not good
Uses: This species produces valuable, straight grained, finely textured timber, that is aromatic, resistant to termites and insects. It is used for construction, cabinet work, office furniture, fine crafts and for incense. As its beautiful cown and form, it also used for decorative purposes. This species can be planted in home gardens, around buldings, pagodas and cultural constructions.This is an endemic and threatened species, must be protected in Vietnam.

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