Nephelaphyllum pulchrum Blume

Nephelaphyllum pulchrum Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. 8: 373 (1825).

Nephelaphyllum pulchrum

Nephelaphyllum pulchrum Blume; Photo Chu Xuan Canh

Vietnamese name: Vân lan hoa nhỏ, Vân diệp dẹp

Chinese Name:

Common Name: The Beautiful Nephelaphyllum

Latin Name: Nephelaphyllum pulchrum Blume

Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym Name: Anoectochilus pulcher (Blume) Rollisson; Nephelaphyllum borneense Schltr.; Nephelaphyllum latilabre Ridl.; Nephelaphyllum latilabre Ridl. ex Stapf; Nephelaphyllum pulchrum var. pulchrum; Tainia borneensis (Schltr.) Gagnep.; Tainia latilabris (Ridl.) Gagnep.; Tainia pulchra (Blume) Gagnep.


Nephelaphyllum pulchrum is a terrestrial orchid species, with fleshy, creeping rhizomes. Pseudobulbs are slender and curved at the tip, dull purple, and about 2–3 cm long. The leaf blades are triangular-ovate, basally cordate, with a tip that is acuminate and blunt, 4–10 cm by 2.5–6 cm, light brown or yellowish green with dark blotches on the upper surface and flushed purple on the underside. They are held erect by a very short leaf stalk. The inflorescence develops at the tip of new pseudobulbs, is about 8 cm long with a 1-cm long sheath, and bears flowers close together. Flowers vary from being almost completely white to very pink, are non-resupinate, with linear and acute sepals and petals that are 1.3–2 cm long and 0.3–1.8 cm broad, downward deflexing, and pale green with purple veins. The lip is upright, entire, ovate, pale yellow, and fleshy, 1.6–2 cm by 1.1–2 cm, shortly spurred, with five longitudinal rows of fine yellow hairs in the middle, tapering into three ridges near the tip. The column is short and broad and about 5 mm long

Flowering: Flowers blooming in Spring-Summer.

Distribution: Found in Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, the Philippines and VietNam. In Vietnam: Tuyên Quang, Yên Bái, Chu Pao, Gia Lai.

Ecological: in damp shady places in mixed forests and lower montane and oak/laurel forests as a miniature sized, hot to cool growing terrestrial orchid occuring at elevations of 300 to 2000 m.






- W. F. Ang, Alvin F. S. L. Lok, C. K. Yeo, Jon S. Y. Tan, P. X. Ng, Beatrice Y. Q. Ng and Hugh T. W. Tan; The status and distribution of Nephelaphyllum pulchrum Bl. (Orchidaceae) in Singapore; Nature in Singapore 2011 4: 273–276

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