Thecostele alata

Thecostele alata C.S.P.Parish & Rchb.f., Trans. Linn. Soc. London 30(1): 144 (1874).

Thecostele alata Lan Củ chén

Thecostele alata (Roxb.) E.C.Parish & Rchb.f.; Photo Diep Dinh Quang

Vietnamese name: Lan Củ chén, Bào trục cánh.

Chinese Name:

Common Name: The Winged Thecostele (Refers to the winged column of the flower).

Latin Name: Thecostele alata (Roxb.) E.C.Parish & Rchb.f.

Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym Name: Collabium annamense Gagnep.; Collabium wrayi Hook.f.; Cymbidium alatum Roxb.; Pholidota elmeri Ames; Thecostele elmeri (Ames) Ames; Thecostele maculosa Ridl.      

Thecostele poilanei Gagnep.; Thecostele wrayi (Hook.f.) Rolfe     

Thecostele zollingeri Rchb.f.


Orchid, pear shaped tuber, 1 leaf. Inflorescences 15-50 cm long, inflorescences with 20-40 flowers, flower size 1.25 cm, wither but gradually bloom throughout the Spring.

Flowering: Flowers blooming in the Spring.

Distribution: Found in Bangladesh, Myanamar, Thailand, Malayasia, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. In Vietnam: Phú Lộc, Bạch Mã, Thừa Thiên Huế, Lộc Ninh, Sông Bé.

Ecological: in evergreen in semi-deciduous and deciduous dry lowland forests and savana-like woodlands at elevations of sealevel to 1800 m.






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