Bulbophyllum pauciflorum Ames

Bulbophyllum pauciflorum Ames, Philipp. J. Sci., C 7: 132 (1912).

Bulbophyllum pauciflorum
Bulbophyllum pauciflorum Ames; Photo Vu Dinh An

Vietnamese name: lọng lá

Chinise name: 白花石豆 bai hua shi dou lan

Common Name: The Few Flowered Bulbophyllum

Latin Name: Bulbophyllum pauciflorum Ames

Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym Name: Bulbophyllum riyanum Fukuy, Bulbophyllum crassiusculifolium Averyanov.

Description: Orchid, tubeless, very short stems, leaves 2-3 mm apart, 1.5-2 cm wide, 3-4 cm long, thick, succulent. 1-2 flowers, clear white flowers, size 0.5-1 cm, petiole 3-5 cm high, bloom in May 5-7.

Distribution: Found in Hainan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sulawesi, Luzon Philippines and Taiwan. In VietNam, found in Chu Yang Sin mountain and high mountain ranges of Lam Dong province

Ecological: Tree trunks in dense forests; 300-1400 m.


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