Hop Wattle (Acacia stricta)

 Hop Wattle (Acacia stricta)

Hop Wattle is visited by many native birds, which feed on insects attracted to it and also eat the seeds. Wattle plants are very important to many diverse groups of Abo- riginal peoples and almost all parts of wattle (Acacia) are used in some way. The gum from Acacia species is used by diverse groups of Aboriginal peoples as a medicine for dysentery and also applied to wounds. Green seed pods are sometimes cooked and eaten, with dry seeds ground into flour to make bread. Aboriginal peoples also use the bark as a decoction to treat venereal disease and boils and also cast into water to stun fish to make them easy to catch. The inner bark is useful for making string.

Soure: Indigenous plant use; A booklet on the medicinal, nutritional and technological use of indigenous plants; By Zena Cumpston; Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub in Melbourne 2020 

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