Cephalantheropsis laciniata Ormerod

 Cephalantheropsis laciniata Ormerod, Orchid Digest 62(4): 157 (1998).

Cephalantheropsis laciniata

Cephalantheropsis laciniata Ormerod; Photo Pham Thi Thanh Dat

Vietnamese name: 

Trung lan, Hoa đầu. 

Chinise name: 

Common Name: 

The Lacerate Cephlantheropsis (refers to the lip apex)

Latin Name: 

Cephalantheropsis laciniata Ormerod



Synonym Name: 

No synonyms are recorded for this name.


Orchid, 50 cm high. 4-8 leaves, 15-30 cm long, 3-6 cm wide. A bunch of flowers 35-60 cm high. Flowers are white, lips are serrated, blooms in the late spring and early summer.


Found in south Vietnam and penninsular Malaysia. In VietNam, found in Hòn Bà, Cam Lâm, Khánh Hòa.


In primary and old secondary broad-leaved evergreen submontane forests at elevations around 400 to 800 m.


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