Masdevallia antonii Königer

Masdevallia antonii Königer The species seems to be rare in Peru and is found at Wiñaywayna, which is an archeologic site, located at the southwest of Machu Picchu. There M. antonii occupies only one altitudinal range at 2200 m of elevation. 

Masdevallia antonii Königer, Arcula 8: 221 (-223, fig.) (1999).

Masdevallia antonii
Masdevallia antonii
Masdevallia antonii Königer, Photos by Janne Aho

its native range is Peru.

Latinh Name: 

Masdevallia antonii Königer



English Name:

Anton's Masevallia (Anton Sijm DutchCo-Discover of species current).


Erect, stout ramicauls enveloped basally by 2 to 3 thin, tubular sheaths and carrying a single, apical, erect, coriaceous, elliptic, gradually narrows into the elongate petiole, subacute to obtuse leaf that blooms on a slender, erect, 12 to 18 cm long, single flowered inflorescence that arisies from low on the ramicaul with a bract above the middle and a tubular floral bract and holding the large flower above the leaves.




At elevations around 2200 meters as a small sized, cool growing epiphyte.

Flowering times:

Blooms in the spring.

Flower size:

5.0 cm.


Climate: Intermediate Cool

Air Circulation: Medium

Light: Medium

Humidity: High

Fertilizer: Weekly


Collector Team:

W.Königer WK-88

Type Herbaria:

holotype M
isotype K
isotype UNALM
isotype USM

Distribution Of Types:

Peru (Western South America, Southern America)

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