Hypoxis aurea

Hypoxis aurea Lour., Fl. Cochinch. 1: 200 (1790).

Hypoxis aurea
Hypoxis aurea
Hypoxis aurea Lour., Photo by Trương Quang Cường

its native range is Tropical & Subtropical Asia.

Vietnamese name: 

Hạ trâm, Tỏi voi lùn

Latin name: 

Hypoxis aurea Lour.




Energizer, treatment of weakness, yellow eyes, aphrodisiac. Also cure rheumatism.


In Vietnam: Lao Cai (Sa Pa), Khanh Hoa. The tree grows naturally in moist, humus-rich soil, under forests, rock crevices, tree hollows, along rivers and streams.

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