Calanthe puberula Lindl.-The Hairy Calanthe

Calanthe puberula Lindl.; Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. 252 1833.

Calanthe puberula

Calanthe puberula Lindl.; Photo Kiyo Shi

Calanthe puberula
Calanthe puberula Lindl.; Photo by The Orchids of the Sikkim-Himalaya by Naresh Swami

Vietnamese name

Kiều hoa (PHH), Bầu rượu lông mềm 

Chinise name:   

镰萼虾脊兰 lian e xia ji lan

Common Name

The Hairy Calanthe 

Latin Name: 

Calanthe puberula Lindl.



Synonym Name

Alismorchis puberula (Lindl.) Kuntze; Alismorkis puberula (Lindl.) Kuntze; Calanthe amoena W.W.Sm.; Calanthe lepida W.W.Sm.; Calanthe okushirensis Miyabe & Tatew.; Calanthe puberula var. formosana (Murata) M.Hiroe; Calanthe puberula var. okushirensis (Miyabe & Tatew.) M.Hiroe; Calanthe reflexa var. formosana Murata; Calanthe reflexa var. okushirensis (Miyabe & Tatew.) Ohwi; Calanthe reflexa var. puberula (Lindl.) Kudo; Calanthe similis Schltr.; Paracalanthe reflexa var. puberula (Lindl.) Kudô


Orchids, 4-5 leaves, grow close to the ground. Flowers are 25-40 cm high, flower clusters 4-10 flowers, flower size 3 cm, bloom in Spring-Summer. 


Found in the western Himalayas, the eastern Himalayas, Assam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, southeast Xizang and southeast and western Yunnan provinces of China and Vietnam. In VietNam, found in Lâm Đồng, Đà Lạt and Ngọc Linh mountain. 


Evergreen broad-leaved forests; 1200-3000 m.

Parts used

Whole tree


Treatment of acute tracheitis, tuberculosis, lymphadenitis.






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