Typhonium trilobatum

Typhonium trilobatum (L.) Schott, Wiener Z. Kunst 1829(3): 732 (1829). 

Typhonium trilobatum
Typhonium trilobatum
Typhonium trilobatum (L.) Schott, Photo by Hoàng Lan

its native range is India to S. China and Malaya.

Vietnamese name:

Củ chóc, Bán hạ nam, Bán hạ lá ba thuỳ, Phiắc héo 

Latin name: 

Typhonium trilobatum (L.) Schott ; Arum trilobatum L.




Anti-vomiting, treatment of vomiting in pregnant women, vomiting caused by chronic gastritis, cough, asthma, expectorant. Also used to treat sore throat with pus, headache, dizziness, full chest.


In Vietnam: 

Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An. The tree grows naturally along rivers, streams and wet wastelands.

Fruit season: 


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