Carissa cochinchinensis

Carissa cochinchinensis Pierre ex Pit., Fl. Indo-Chine [P.H. Lecomte et al.] 3: 1112 (1933).

Carissa cochinchinensis
Carissa cochinchinensis
Carissa cochinchinensis Pierre ex Pit., Photo by Tấn Trịnh

its native range is Africa to Indo-China, Australia to New Caledonia.

Xi rô nam: Carissa cochinchinensis Pierre; Apocynaceae.

Flowering season: 

December to May.

Parts Used: 

Root - Radix Carissae Cochinchinensis.


Species of Thailand, Cambodia and central Vietnam. In our country, the tree grows in forests far from the coast of Ninh Thuan. Also grown as a hedge, especially in Cambodia, because the tree has many branches and many thorns.

Uses, indications and coordination: 

Unknown use in our country; It also works as root building Syrup. The root of the species C. spinarum L., (distributed in China and India) is used as an anti-inflammatory, antidote, analgesia, for the treatment of jaundice, stomachache, rheumatism, boils, lymphadenitis, acute conjunctivitis, periodontitis and pharyngitis.

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