Osyris lanceolata

Osyris lanceolata Hochst. & Steud., Unio Itin. In sched., W.Schimper s.n. (1832).

Osyris lanceolata
Osyris lanceolata
Osyris lanceolata Hochst. & Steud., Photo by Jơ Ngõ Ya Văn

The native range of this species is Canary Islands, S. Iberian Peninsula Baleares, Sahara to S. Africa, Socotra, Indian Subcontinent to S. China and Indo-China. It is a hemiparasitic shrub and grows primarily in the subtropical biome

Vietnamese name: 

Đàn hương, Ô si

Latin name: 

Osyris lanceolata Hochst. & Steud. ex DC.




Dak Lak (Chu Yang Sin).

Fruit season: 

March - October.


Treats cough, stomach pain, bleeding, broken bones, irregular menstruation, external scabies.

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