Carthamin-Synonyms Safflor carmine; Safflor red; Carthamic acid Carthamin
Synonyms Safflor carmine; Safflor red; Carthamic acid.
Biological Source Carthamin is the coloring principle obtained from Carthamus tinctorius L., belonging to family Compositae (Safflower).
Geographical Source It is grown throughout a large portion of Inida. It is one of the most ancient crops cultivated in Egypt as a dye-yielding herb. It is also grown in Russia, Mexico, United States, Ethiopia and Australia.
Description It is a dark red granular powder having a green luster. It is slightly soluble in water and practically insoluble in ether. It is found to be soluble in alcohol and in dilute alkali carbonates.
Chemical Structure The structure of carthamin is as given below:

Carthamin on being treated with diilute hydrochloric acid gets converted to ite isomeric yellow compound known as isocarthamin.

1. It is used as a dye.

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