Hairy birthwort (Xungufeng)-Aristolochia mollissima-Herb of wooly Dutchman’s pipe

Hairy birthwort (Xungufeng)

Aristolochia mollissima Hance
Aristolochia mollissima Hance
Pharmaceutical Name: Herba Aristolochiae Mollissimae
English name: Herb of wooly Dutchman’s pipe
Botanical Name: Aristolochia mollissima Hance
Common Name: Hairy birthwort
Source of Earliest Record: Zhiwu Mingshi Tukao
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The whole plant. Herba Aristolochiae Mollissimae is produced mainly in the provinces of Jiangsu, Hunan, and Jiangxi. This herb is the whole plant or rhizome. It is collected in summer and autumn, dried in the sun, and cut into segments for use.
Properties & Taste: Pungent, bitter and neutral
Meridian: Liver
Functions: 1. To dispel wind and dampness; 2. To clear the channels and collaterals; 3. To stop pain
Indications & Combinations:
Wind-damp obstruction syndrome manifested as joint pain, numbness of the limbs, tendon and muscle spasms and pain from external injury. Hairy birthwort (Xungufeng) may be used alone in decoction or soaked in wine, or used with other herbs that dispel wind and dampness.
Used for stomachache and toothache.
Dosage: 10-15 g
Precaution: None noted.

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