Mulberry bark (Sangbaipi)-Morus alba-Cortex Mori Radicis

Mulberry bark (Sangbaipi)

Morus alba L. (Fam. Moraceae).
Morus alba L. (Fam. Moraceae).

Pharmaceutical Name: Cortex Mori Radicis
Botanical Name: Morus alba L. (Fam. Moraceae).
Common Name: Mulberry bark, Morus bark, White mulberry rootbark.
Source of Earliest Record: Shennong Bencao Jing.
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The bark of the root is collected in winter. It is cleaned, cut into pieces and dried in the sun.
Properties & Taste: Sweet and cold.
Meridian: Lung.
Functions: 1. To reduce heat from the lungs and soothe asthma; 2. To promote urination and reduce edema.
Indications & Combinations:
1. Heat in the lungs manifested as cough with excessive sputum and asthma. Mulberry bark (Sangbaipi) is used with Wolfberry bark (Digupi) and Licorice root (Gancao) in the formula Xiebai San.
2. For edema, it is used with Pericarpium Arecae (Da Fu Pi), Pericarpium Poria (Fu Ling Pi), and Pericarpium Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens (Sheng Jiang Pi).
Dosage: 10-15 g, decocted in water for an oral dose.
Precautions: None noted.

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