Cephalotaxus mannii Hooker.f.

Cephalotaxus mannii
1. Cephalotaxus mannii Hooker.f.; Family : Cephalotaxaceae
2. Vernacular name: Đỉnh tùng
3. Morphology: A medium to large sized tree, up to 20-30m high and 0.5-1.1m in diameter. Bole straight, crown narrow; branches slender,more or less opposite and horizontal. Bark smooth, brownish red; buds ovoid, often 2. Leaves arranged into 2 rows, straight or sligthly curved at top, size of 2-4 x 0.15-0.3cm; apex mucronate, base subtruncate at young leaves and round at mature ones; two white stomatal bands beneath. Petiole 5mm.Male cones axillary, globose with 8-10 flowers, rachis scaly. Female cones, axillary, solitary or groupped in 3-5, bearing 9- 10 seed scales. Seeds ovoid, 2-3.8x1-1.5cm, cuspidate at top. Flowering on January- February; Fruiting on May-June.
Distribution and ecology: Distributed in north-east of India, Laos, northern Myanmar, northern Thailand, southern China and Vietnam. In Vietnam, it found from Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Son La, Lai Chau, Cao Bang, Hoa Binh, Ha Tay (former), Thanh hoa, Nghe An, Thua Thien- Hue to, Lam Dong, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces. It is a moderate shade torelant tree, scatteredly growing in small groups, on 500-2000m asl. In primary closed evergreen subtropical broad-leaved forests on both limestone and silicate derivered soils. Often mixed with Nageia wallichiana, Podocarpus neriifolius and Dacrycarpus imbricatus on montane soil or with Pseudotsuga sinensis, Pinus kwantungensis, Nageia fleuryi, Fokienia hodginsii etc on limestone mountains.
Uses: Timberlargesized and straight, high quality, resistant to insect and termite. Used for quality furniture, fine crafts and tool handles. The seed has medicinal qualities and in Hainan the bark is used to treat fever. The possibility of growing this species for anti-cancer drug production should be investigated further (?). It also planted as ornamental or shade tree for its beautiful form and leaves. This species is listed in Vietnam Red Data Book as a Vulnerable species (VU). Must be protected

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