Bulbophyllum minutissimum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.

Bulbophyllum minutissimum F.Muell., Fragm. (Mueller) 11(89): 53 (1878).

Bulbophyllum minutissimum

Bulbophyllum minutissimum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.Photo Vu Dinh An

Vietnamese name: Cầu diệp chuỗi, Lọng Bảo Lộc.

Chinise name:

Common Name: The Smallest Bulbophyllum

Australia Name: The Red Bead Orchid

Latin Name: Bulbophyllum minutissimum (F.Muell.) F.Muell.

Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym Name: Bulbophyllum moniliforme F.Muell.; Bulbophyllum moniliforme R.M.King; Dendrobium minutissimum F.Muell.; Dendrobium nummulifolium R.King; Oncophyllum minutissimum (F.Muell.) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.; Phyllorchis minutissima (F. Muell.) Kuntze; Phyllorkis minutissima (F.Muell.) Kuntze


Orchid, one of the very small species of the genus Bulbophyllum, is a 4 mm round bulb that grows close together, leaves 2 mm long, and falls in the fall. Lone flower, flower size 3 mm, stem 2 cm long, bloom in the winter.

Distribution: Found in Queensland and New South Wales Australia and VietNam. In VietNam, found in Bảo Lộc, Lâm Đồng.

Ecological: at elevations of 20 to 500 meters as a mini-miniature sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte


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