Apple Berry (Billardiera scandens)

Apple Berry (Billardiera scandens)

Apple Berry is a small climber with yellow-green bell-shaped flowers that appear in spring, followed by oval, fuzzy fruits 1-2.5-cm long, which develop and ripen in summer. The fruit is green, with a red tinge and when soft enough to eat it falls from branches. Found across Australia except for the NT and WA, Apple Berry is a sweet, delicious and sought-after fruit. It is eaten by diverse groups of Aboriginal peoples who eat the fruit not only when it is ripe but also roast it when it is unripe. The fruit is aromatic and is similar in taste to kiwi fruit.

Soure: Indigenous plant use; A booklet on the medicinal, nutritional and technological use of indigenous plants; By Zena Cumpston; Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub in Melbourne 2020 

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