Bulbine Lily (Bulbine bulbosa)

Bulbine Lily (Bulbine bulbosa)

Bulbine Lily dies back to a dormant bulb in summer and re-shoots in late autumn, displaying yellow flowers in spring. It can be found in all states except Western Australia. It is considered the sweetest tasting of all edible root plants and is available year-round. A plump, round cream-coloured corm is found under the stalk of the Bulbine Lily and is eaten after being roasted. Bulbine Lily is also nutritious, being a good source of calcium and iron. Bulbine Lily is found growing wild in tandem with Milkmaids and Chocolate Lilies in the few areas of undisturbed remnant vegetation still existing in Victoria.

Soure: Indigenous plant use; A booklet on the medicinal, nutritional and technological use of indigenous plants; By Zena Cumpston; Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub in Melbourne 2020 

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