Byttneria pilosa

Byttneria pilosa Roxb., Hort. Bengal. 18; Fl. Ind. i. 618.

Byttneria pilosa
Byttneria pilosa
Byttneria pilosa
Byttneria pilosa
Byttneria pilosa Roxb., Photo by Tấn Trịnh

The native range of this species is E. Himalaya to China (S. Yunnan) and Peninsula Malaysia. It is a tree and grows primarly in the wet tropical biome(s).

Vietnamese name: 

Bích nữ lông

Other names: 

Quả gai lông

Latin name: 

Byttneria pilosa Roxb.




Treatment of yellow urine, cystitis, nephritis (body). Root cure irregular menstruation, rheumatism, paralysis and broken bones.


In Vietnam: Thanh Hoa, Nghe An. The tree grows naturally, scattered along the forest edge, after the forest is restored.

Flowering and fruiting season: 


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