Ehretia asperula

Ehretia asperula Zoll. & Moritzi, Syst. Verz. Zoll. 52.

Ehretia asperula
Ehretia asperula
Ehretia asperula
Ehretia asperula Zoll. & Moritzi, Photo by An nhiên

The native range of this species is Hainan to W. Malesia. It is a climbing shrub and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.

Vietnamese name: 

Dót, Xạ đen.

Latin name: 

Ehretia asperula Zoll. & Mor. – E. hanceana Hemsl.




The plant is used to treat tumors and boils (Leaves).


Quang Ninh (Ha Long Bay), Hoa Binh (Mai Chau), Thanh Hoa (Ngoc Lac), Nghe An (Con Cuong)

Flowering and fruiting season: 

May to August; July-November

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