Peucedanum root (Qianhu)-Peucedanum praeruptorum-Peucedanum decursivum-Radix Peucedani

Peucedanum root (Qianhu)

Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn. (Fam. Apiaceae)
Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn. (Fam. Apiaceae)

Radix Peucedani
Radix Peucedani

Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Peucedani
Botanical Name: 1. Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn.; 2. Peucedanum decursivum Maxim. (Fam. Apiaceae)
Common Name: Peucedanum root, Hogfennel root.
Source of Earliest Record: Mingyi Bielu.
Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations:
Dried root
Radix Peucedani is produced mainly in the provinces of Zhejiang, Hunan, and Sichuan. After the root is collected in winter and spring, the stem and the leaves are removed and the root is cleaned. Then it is dried in sunlight, sliced, and used unprepared.
Meridian: Lung.
Functions: 1. To promote dispersing function of the lungs and clear heat; 2. To resolve phlegm and stop cough
Indications & Combinations:
1. Phlegm-heat accumulating in the lungs manifested as cough with yellow and thick sputum. Peucedanum root (Qianhu) is used with Mulberry bark (Sangbaipi), Trichosanthes fruit (Gualou) and Tendrilled fritillary bulb (Chuanbeimu) in the formula Qianhu San.
2. Cough due to invasion by exogenous pathogenic wind and heat. Peucedanum root (Qianhu) is used with Mentha (Bohe), Arctium fruit (Niubangzi) and Platycodon root (Jiegeng).
Dosage: 6-10 g, decocted in water for an oral dose.
Precautions: None noted.

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